Workplace efficiency at its


Redefining efficiency requires the right technology from the ground up.

There are numerous layers of diverse technologies between your workstations and the network.

That’s why SumnerOne hand picks only the brightest System Architects to design your one-of-a-kind solution. Not only does this satisfy your organization’s unique needs, but it minimizes excess costs in, both, equipment and productivity loss.

Desktops and Laptops

SumnerOne highly recommends the use of business grade computers as opposed to store bought consumer models. What you gain in immediate savings with consumer grade machines will typically cost you much more in the long run with shorter equipment life-span, additional support time, and decreased productivity.



Most of today’s business processes are handled by a server in one way or another. A common bottleneck that we see is a room full of servers that are 5 to 10 years old that were created to handle the workloads that existed at the time. Today our workloads are exponentially greater and server technology has drastically improved to handle it with ease using significantly less equipment. Less equipment means less costs while increasing productivity. That’s a win-win.


Networking and Security

Most business’s invaluable data resides on a network that is connected to the rest of the world wide web. Network security is the combination of equipment, software, and services that protect that data from unauthorized access coming from the web. Cyber crime has exploded over the past few years so it is absolutely critical to have the correct security in place.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Most businesses operate off of data residing on the network. Since cyber security is reactive by nature, networks will always be vulnerable to attack – meaning your business data will always be vulnerable to disaster. A standard data backup is no longer sufficient in today’s world. In our fast paced world, the key is to get back up and running as quickly as possible while simultaneously protecting your data from theft or destruction. That is the definition of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

Are you ready to experience real office efficiency?

We’ll always choose the best solutions from a full range of leading brands, including:

Business-class hardware for PCs, servers, firewalls, switches and more

Software and licensing for all of your mission-critical business applications

So much more than data backup – this is Business Continuity

Optimize server utilization through virtualization